Information & Communication Technology

In our  globalised economies, technology plays an important part in education. We emphasis the importance of IT by embedding it cross the curriculum, so that our students master the skill of using IT as a tool to enhance their understanding of all knowledge. We have equipped our classes with smart boards to enhance teaching and students' interaction.The school has a computer laboratory where students master the basic skills of operating systems, and prepare themselves for the use of multi-media, graphics web-design and computing through the use of several applications.The school provides students with the opportunity to obtain up to four additional IGCSE credits under the Edexcel Diploma in Digital Applications (DIDA) study program

Science Laboratory

The school is facilitated with a well equipped science laboratory, which is recognized and approved by Edexcel as a Centre for examination in The Kingdom of Bahrain.

Domestic Science Lab

To provide students with real life taste and prepare them to be independent, the domestic science lab is a model for girls and boys to learn home economics.

Art & Design

The art lab is the place where students learn to express their vision in a different language, using colours and materials to create ideas and build structures.

Design & Technology

D&T provides the opportunity to pupils to develop an awareness of the nature and a significant importance of design and technology in a rapid changing society. It enables students to develop their application of knowledge, skills and understanding of manufacturing, building and creating systems.

Extra-curricular activities & Field trips

All students have the choice of selecting their favorite extra-curricular activities. After school clubs flourish with children opting to join a variety of activities. These include football basketball,choir,music drama and home economics. Art and music are offered in school. Each child has a chance to learn keyboard, or guitar. Art and music are part of the timetable and both activities are taught by a specialist. We are proud of our annual productions of musical concerts and plays, such as Joey and Cats, which were played by our students, conducted by our teachers and watched by parents and friends. All classes have 2-3 educational / entertainment field trips per term.